Mobile Support

Specialty mobile resource teams deployed to offset high cost suppliers. Typical outage savings in the millions of dollars range. Teams focus areas are Rotating Equipment, HCU Maintenance, Dry Cask Storage, Mobile Projects and Welding Fabrication.

Turbine and Rotating Support Team

  • Turn-key major equipment and outage services with experienced, nuclear qualified technicians.
  • Includes Boilermaker, Millwright, Ironworker, Welder, Pipefitter, and Machinist services
  • Master Rigger skills, certified bridge crane operating experience
  • Complete turbine outage planning, engineering, project management, and craft labor services capable of supporting turbine projects from start to finish
  • Reactor Feed Pump Turbine (RFPT) and Steam Generator Feed Pump (SGFPT) and HPCI/RICI Turbine inspections and Repair including HPCI, HPSV and LPSV inspections
  • In-Field Machining capabilities (Pumps Base Machining, Pump Rebuilds)
  • High and Low Pressure Steam Turbine, E-Coupling Inspection and Repair.
  • Turbine CV,SV,PBV,CIV, Cross-around Relief valve and hydraulic actuator inspections/overhauls in field.
  • Turbine Lube Oil System inspection and Flush, including and oil pump inspections and rebuild
  • Turbine Lift Pump Maintenance and Inspection
  • FARO ARM Technology for in field use (Measurements, Scanning, for Modeling and Reverse engineering)
  • Hot Machine Shop Rebuild Capabilities
  • Off-site Rotating Equipment for Shop Repair

For more information, please contact Roy Earnest, Turbine Projects Manager.

HCU Maintenance

Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) team eliminating dependence on OEM. Scope includes all outage and online HCU maintenance within the boiling water reactors. Benefits include a core team with expertise in performing HCU preventative maintenance and repairs.  Proficiency is maintained by the core team of technicians performing the work for each nuclear site.

For more information, please contact Bruce Fowlkes, Mobile Reactor/DCS Manager.

Dry Cask Storage

DCS services for nuclear sites. trained technicians provide PTP (Pool-to-Pad) loading services. Inspecting and operating equipment such as Goldhofer, aerial man lifts, fork trucks, and mating devices. Also performs rigging to load and off load all DCS associated components.

For more information, please contact Bruce Fowlkes, Mobile Reactor/DCS Manager.

Mobile Projects and Welding Fabrication

A Center of Excellence for deployable welders/fabricators to support stations both during outage and non-outage seasons targeting large scale piping and system repairs/modifications. Benefits include minimization of high cost contracted services for welding services.

Available Project Support:

  • Turn-Key major piping system modifications
  • Millwright, ironworker, welder, pipefitter, and machinist services
  • Complete project planning, project management, and craft labor services capable of supporting projects from start to finish
  • High end welding processes deploying state of the art technologies

As Built Modification Team:

  • Turn-Key for simple plant modifications, based on design specification and conceptual design, as-built final as part of deliverable.
  • Simple Modifications that do not have operability or safety significance that can be installed without upfront detailed engineering, built to specification and as-built drawings delivered as part of clousr.e
  • Allows for elimination/minimization of upfront engineering

For more information, please contact Jason Eagan, Mobile Projects Manager.